Yours, in love, strength and solidarity: Mother Nature

Yours, in love, strength and solidarity: Mother Nature

“At a very young age, my mother instilled in me a deep love and sense of appreciation for all the creations of Mother Nature. Today, when I am a mother myself, I want to pass on this knowledge and gratitude towards nature’s multiple bounties to my children as well. This has been an extremely rewarding experience, and something that resonated with my personal life. I love the message we are trying to convey, as I get to give back in a small way to Mother Nature and celebrate the miracles she creates, like billion-year old diamonds, by being her voice. This Mother’s Day, let’s recognise the art of love, creation and resilience displayed by all Mothers – including Mother Nature – everywhere. We are each singular creations, as unique as natural diamonds, loved and cherished equally.”

– Lisa Ray


The companionship between mothers and Mother Nature goes way back. Mother Nature has been a symbol of strength and resilience, facing all odds to create, protect, and nurture her children. From tiny flowers & exotic wildlife to colourful rainbows and billion-year-old Natural Diamonds, she holds them all within her embrace with love & care.

In the same way, every mother does what it takes to care for her offspring. Like Lisa, she draws inspiration and wisdom from the glorious Mother Nature, who in her magnanimous capacity, teaches us resilience in every way.

Take a look at what Mother Nature has to say to every mother, this Mother’s Day