Some journeys end up making you feel priceless

Whether you’re a new mother. Or an ancient diamond

They say the journey is as, if not more, important than the destination. This couldn’t be more true than in the case of new mothers and diamonds. Both start off on a long journey. 9 months for one. A billion years for the other. And both come out the other side worthy of all the love and affection they can get. Which begs the question: why don’t more new mothers, especially first-time moms, get gifted diamonds, essentially their soul sisters from Mother Nature?



Labour of love

Look at any couple expecting a baby—and yes, the would-be father is as much a part of this journey as his beloved wife—and there is a tranquil glow on their faces. A smile that makes you forget about all the challenges and pains they go through, together. Expecting a newborn is truly a labour of love. Just like a diamond’s birth, as a matter of fact. Authentic, natural diamonds go through a painstaking journey too—a labour of love of their own. And after all the immense heat and pressure that they undergo—after all that toil deep beneath the soil—emerges one of the most brilliant things man has ever seen.

The best things take time

9 months. Just over 39 weeks. Around 275 days. Ask expecting couples and they’ll be able to account for every single second of that journey. Every day a new day, and every one filled with a new sunrise. One of ever-rising anticipation, of hopes and dreams fast taking shape—minute, by minute. Yes, the best things take time. And in the case of natural diamonds, a whopping billion years, and more! It’s true: real diamonds are the fruit of Mother Nature’s loving patience. And what a sweet, sweet-tasting one.



A true miracle

A baby is one of life’s greatest miracles. When a new mom or dad holds that tiny bundle of joy in their grateful arms, only they can fully appreciate all the things that have come together, in every possible way, for new life to take birth. A real diamond is also one of nature’s most precious miracles. It undergoes extremely high pressure and temperature to emerge from deep below the Earth’s surface, in nothing less than a volcanic eruption. While that would break most things, a diamond, in fact, comes out stronger and harder than almost any other substance known to man. New moms and dads reading this will have a knowing smile, considering their labour of love leaves them with the grace and strength to protect and raise their child, whatever the odds.



An ode to a father’s love

We’ve already mentioned him, but the picture isn’t truly complete without us raising a toast to new and would-be fathers. An equal companion on this loving journey, he is the solace to her strength, the wind beneath her wings. And so, when D-Day finally arrives, it’s only fitting that both, mom and dad, come together to frame the moment forever. How? We have an idea.


Time to celebrate

New moms and dads will be the first to tell you that they are never the same person once their little one arrives. The twists, the turns, the trials and the eventual triumph of a healthy new arrival, it just makes all things new. And what better way to mark that newness, that triumph, and that journey, than with the perfect symbol of those very things. New dads, it’s time we celebrated that strong, beautiful, brave woman by your side. Gift her a diamond. A wonderful diamond bracelet, perhaps. Whatever reminds the two of you of all that you have been through. Because guess what? Your diamond understands. After all, just like your life-changing journey, in its own sparkling way, your diamond’s been there too.
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