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The miracle of birth is the most momentous event in the life of a couple. And it is rightly termed a miracle, because every childbirth is unique and comes with its own set of triumphs. After nine long months of waiting, surmounting several physical and emotional trials, and going through the months of labour, the couple is blessed with a bonny baby that instantly captures their hearts.


The process of childbirth is a litmus test for the couple–getting through it together strengthens their bond and becomes a testament to their shared love. A baby brings such joy and love into a couple’s life; it is the first time they begin their journey as parents and call themselves a ‘family’. Each moment of parenthood is a cause for celebration, whether it is a child’s first word, first steps or first laugh. All these moments come together to become vivid memories that will make the parents proud for a lifetime.
A baby adds a sparkle to a couple’s life, so it is only fitting that the couple celebrates the miracle of birth with a gift of diamonds.

Celebrating the miracle of life

Pregnancy is a very delicate time for an expecting couple. In fact, this is the time when women bond the most with their babies, making them the most important nine months of their lives. These months are also marked by excitement and several discoveries that the couple makes about themselves and their unborn child. The nine months of pregnancy can be a tenuous time for the couple; the waiting, the anticipation, the excitement to finally hold their baby in their arms, the concern for the mother, and the child’s good health, all point to a journey that can justly draw parallels only to a diamond. A happy couple pass on an infectious sparkle to each other, together, they prepare for the new baby with hope, joy and deeper respect for each other. And just like a diamond that takes a billion years to form before it reaches the earth’s surface, a baby comes into a happy couple’s world with the same brilliance and love.

How the world celebrates childbirth

All babies are beautiful and precious miracles, just like diamonds are. It doesn’t matter which country you come from or what customs you follow; the unparalleled joy a new baby brings into this world has no language. In several cultures around the world, couples mark the arrival of a new child in many ways. While some cultures host baby showers in the seventh month of pregnancy, couples from some other parts of the world have a custom of showing the baby to the rest of the family only after 40 days of the birth.
By and large, many cultures celebrate the birth of a child with a feast. East Asians mark the occasion by presenting the couple–particularly the mother–with red eggs or a ruby, to mark the milestone. It also marks the end of the mother’s enforced one-month bed rest following the birth. In the UK, the tradition of ‘wetting the baby’s head’ involves the father and his friends going out for a few drinks in honour of the baby.
In India, the dominant tradition has been to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby with anklets, bracelets, a neck chain, a pair of earrings or a gift of cash to the parents, as a symbol of starting a new life. Some communities observe ‘annaprashana’, in which the parents feed their baby ceremonial food (just a bit from a spoon) to mark their first tasting of solid food. Other communities surround the baby with various items like a pen, a toy truck, or a book. Whatever the baby touches first, is deemed the direction that the baby will take in the future (in terms of choosing a career).
And yet, there is scarce mention of celebrating the new arrival as a couple. You could be amongst the first to break the mould and buy a stunning new diamond necklace for the new mother, or a pair of solitaire earrings, or a sparkling bracelet. Pick something that your partner will not just be delighted with, but which she can wear regularly, like a pair of diamond ear studs. Or if you really want to go festive, you can buy her a necklace and matching bangles that she can wear to parties or special occasions. The diamond is a symbol of a journey that will be long and beautiful. The point is to celebrate your love for each other while announcing the birth of your bonny baby–and what could be better than diamonds when there is such happy news to share?



Diamonds–because no celebration is complete without them

Why diamonds? Simply because they are a forever gift. A diamond has high enduring value and is not damaged by the wear and tear that precious metals may go through. Imagine this: every diamond is formed over a period of a billion years. Apart from being timeless, a diamond can withstand intense pressure and heat – it is the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world.
Besides, nothing can match the flash of a diamond set in a ring or a pair of delicate bangles, as a unique gift. What’s more, they look great on men and women!
Every time a couple catches the sight of their diamonds, they will recall how they brought the most special person into the world. They will recall with fondness how they stood together during the emotional times, soothed each other’s fears and held their precious little one for the first time in their lives. Diamonds are a unique gift so pure and eternal, they are as priceless as the journey of parenthood.
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