A Diamond look-book for the Monsoon

Monsoon is a season when the conventional ways of doing things go on a backburner. It is that time when you must focus on making choices that are study, stylish and yet call for less maintenance. Right from what you eat to what you wear, everything assumes a different perspective. Rains, puddles, humidity and fresh foliage in different shades of green give nature a unique makeover. Accordingly, it is time for monsoon fashion to take over our wardrobes and ensembles. With a dash of colour here and there, brace yourself to kiss the raindrops in style. With the humidity setting in; it will become increasingly difficult for you to put on your fineries. Intricate gold, silver and the cheeky costume jewellery won’t withstand the aftermath of daily rains, travel and dirt. What would stand tall in this scenario is a single piece of diamond jewellery. While investing in diamond jewellery, refer to diamond 4cs chart to get yourself a piece that you are going to cherish forever and that is also a good value for your money.
Right from your attire to your shoes, every little aspect that makes up your wardrobe must undergo a colourful makeover to beat the monsoon greys. Imagine a dull and weary day at work with heavy rains disrupting the normal work routine. Still, you manage to get through the day with a charming smile complemented by that dainty sparkling diamond pendant that you decided to wear at work. A diamond is indeed a girl’s best friend because it teams up with your personality and amplifies your inner radiance that can brighten up a seemingly dull day.

diamond 4cs chart


Recreate the magic with mesmerizing monsoon jewellery

Incessant rains, muddy puddles, uninvited muck and long traffic jams represent the usual conundrum of the monsoons in India. The best way to beat the blues is to team up a knee-length skirt or a Capri with a formal shirt or a khadi Kurti in solid colours with a diamond stud. These studs have a universal appeal. They go with short Kurtis, Indo-western shirts and formal dresses too. Diamonds are versatile because when combined with rose gold, platinum and classic yellow gold, they can completely transform a mundane look into a classy one. The most amazing part is that you have a plethora of design options when it comes to buying monsoon earrings.

diamond studs


Chic Cocktail Look

There is magic in the monsoon. The cloud laden sky and the occasional drizzle stir up memories of old friends and those shared fun times. Instead of just reminiscing, call everyone up for a surprise cocktail party over the weekend. There is no greater fun than wading ankle-deep water and huddling into your favourite spot for live music, good food and through drinks, and that too with your favourite people. With diamonds, you can do more with less. Also, with a smart diamond design, you need not stress over how to clean the diamond ring. Georgette wrap dresses or knee-length skirts paired with bohemian shirts with a lot of frills set the mood for a lively conversation. You can smartly team these up with a cocktail ring with a single solitaire or a cluster of diamonds. You can also refer to the diamond cut chart to explore different types of diamond cuts. A cocktail ring is a must buy to add that glory to your monsoon jewellery box.

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Evening date look

It’s time to take a break amidst the downpour and the office rush. Give your soul the space it needs to soak in the sights and colours around. Well, its time you go on a long drive and explore the countryside to spend some cosy time together. Seal those moments with a look that is dramatic yet feminine. A comfortable floral dress or any attire with a higher hemline in bright monochromes with diamond drop earring is just what you need to don. If you are someone who is not so fond of earrings, then you can also perhaps experiment with monsoon necklaces incorporating diamonds in various exquisite cuts. Experience the magic of a long romantic drive, mellifluous old Hindi songs playing on the radio and a beautiful piece of jewellery gifted by your partner.  
Don’t have time for a long drive? No problem. Catch up for a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. Monsoon is considered to be the most romantic season and therefore, this monsoon, do not miss the opportunity to profess your true love to that someone special.

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Monsoon diamond necklace


The Winning look

Winning is not just about cracking a business deal at work or seamlessly cruising through the responsibilities at the home front whilst taking care of each member’s well-being. Victory is all about believing in your own potential to shine in every situation. Just like a sturdy diamond that withstands varying degrees of pressure to shine even more brightly, you have the inherent capability to wade through the tiresome traffic queue, drop the children to school, pursue your passion and reach out to society at large with courage, compassion and wisdom. All you need is a little diamond to complement that inherent shine and clarity. While buying yourself a winning piece of jewellery, refer to the diamond quality chart, diamond size chart and diamond clarity chart (Click here). An attire that is comfortable and calls for lesser maintenance can be easily teamed with a neat hairdo and of course with a smart & sleek diamond bracelet. 

diamond cocktail ring

The monsoon collection of diamond jewellery basically borders on minimalism with sleek designs and differing cuts, quite a deviation from traditional diamond jewellery. Diamond certifications in India detail out every quality parameter and therefore, you don’t have to wonder as to how to buy a diamond. 
Are you planning to gift yourself a piece of diamond jewellery this monsoon? What’s stopping you? 
Are you wondering how to polish your diamond jewellery? It’s a cakewalk. A few simple steps and you are through. Just soak it in a gentle detergent solution once a week. After removing the diamond jewellery from the solution, scrub the jewellery surface gently with a new toothbrush. Finally, wipe it with a soft piece of cloth. You can also watch this video to learn how to keep your diamond sparkling.

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