The birth of a child adds sparkle to your life

There are very few things in this world that compare to the overwhelming feeling of holding a new baby in your arms. A tiny life that you felt inside of yourself for 9 long months, right there in flesh staring at you as you slowly fathom what a miracle actually looks like. Along with the child, a mother is also born. With every inch of her body and soul, the mother celebrates this miracle of life bestowed on her by Mother Nature. She deserves to be celebrated too, for she has had the most robust role of all. And at the beginning of this life-altering experience, what better way to celebrate this miracle than with a diamond!


Celebrate Motherhood with a Diamond



A diamond and pregnant mother’s fates are similar in more ways than we can imagine. Did you know a natural diamond takes billions of years to be created? Formed under immense heat and pressure, a diamond is truly a miracle of nature. The life of a baby in the mother’s womb almost tells the same story. It is an intense journey that the mother goes through and one that ends with the creation of a form as unique and priceless as a diamond. Ask any mother and she will tell you how rewarding, gratifying and worthy her journey of pregnancy was! The baby, when he/she arrives, is showered with love and gifts from one and all but in the process, let us not forget the brush that painted this pretty picture. Diamonds for mother make the perfect gift because nothing else can embody the struggle a mother goes through and make her feel as special.

A diamond is normally defined by the 4 C’s- Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity and if you look closely enough, a mother can relate to these characteristics as well. The weight she carries on her shoulders is unparalleled. Whether it is about the health of the newborn or other numerous responsibilities, if a carat had to define a mother’s worth; she’d be priceless! Just like a diamond can have many different cuts, a mother too has many facets. She can be fierce and protective about her child, can bear any amount of pain for him/her and at the same time be a strict disciplinarian if required- colours to a mother, are abundant! The clarity, transparency and single-minded focus with which a woman takes care of her child throughout the pregnancy and afterwards cannot be seen in any other relationship in the world. A diamond mirrors a mother and her journey in the purest form possible and she deserves an acknowledgement of the force that she eventually becomes.


A journey that is unparalleled



Pregnancy brings many alterations to a woman’s life. As she readies herself to become the mother she aspires to be, the universe transpires and makes her one with the tiny soul inside her. The beating heart within her brings profound changes not only to her body but also her mind and soul. Through many sleepless nights and discomfort of a growing body and changing hormones, even her partner feels the intensity of it. There are a lot of sweet and bitter changes that their relationship goes through but in the end, the newborn creates a new bond between them. This life-altering experience for both the parents, mirrors the one that nature goes through to produce a diamond. While enormous heat creates them inside Mother Nature’s belly, they are brought to the fore by eruptions. After enduring the immense strain, diamonds are then cut and polished. Because diamonds are a miracle of nature, it is only apt that you celebrate the miracle of life with nothing less than a sparkling diamond.

Post the birth of the child, the mother at times finds it difficult to adjust to the all-consuming role and it might take a toll on her mind which we call postpartum anxiety. It is a time taking process to become a mother to a child, akin to how it takes time for nature to form a diamond. There might be a fair amount of suffering involved but what emerges afterwards is a product of unsurmountable strength.

Considered the king among gems, diamonds were named “adamas” by the Greeks – meaning invincible and indestructible. Is that not who a mother is, in every sense of the word? She brings a new life into this world and intends to create a person that is as strong as the diamond itself. A diamond, an embodiment of power and strength as it is, befits her perfectly well while urging her to keep going.

A properly-faceted diamond sparkles with rays of light in multiple colours. Hafiz, the famous Persian poet, once said that “the rainbow is confined in it forever.” The same could be said of a mother as she shines in different hues while on this path of motherhood. She transforms and drastically evolves from the woman she once was. Our curation of diamonds, as a gift for mother is just a step in this evolution- to celebrate the journey undertaken and the journey ahead.
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