8 Stunning New Mom Gift Bracelets We Can’t Get Over

8 Stunning New Mom Gift Bracelets We Can’t Get Over


So significantly did the metaphysical poet Kahlil Gibran say, “you are bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” These lines are beautiful and deeply resonant with the divinity with which a mother brings her child into this world. Just as nature conceives a diamond deep within its folds and nurtures it for a billion years, a mother undertakes this emotionally, spiritually and physically challenging journey of conceiving a new life. A child is invariably the greatest new mom gift, second to none. This whole event of bringing in a new life on earth is an enormous undertaking and therefore, the most genuine way of celebrating her ‘motherhood ’ is to get gifts for the new moms that are rare, real and authentic like a diamond.

new mom gift

Celebrating the Resilience that is Motherhood


A mother is born the moment a child is conceived in her womb and in her heart. Every childbirth is different, and so is the story. All the three trimesters of love, care and waiting culminates into that special and unforgettable experience of delivering a miniature version of one’s own self.

After the arrival of the child, every decision revolves around the newborn and the mother as a unit. If the focus is to make the mother feel special, then the perfect gift must be unique, precious and natural. In this whole universe, only diamonds stand out as a worthy new mom gift as they come straight from the heart of mother earth. Pure, extraordinary and unalloyed, buying diamonds for the mother is one of the best conscious gifting decisions that one can ever make, to commemorate motherhood.


Diamond necklaces, earrings, bangles and rings are some of the most common gifting options but what stands out as unique, are diamond bracelets. With so many jewellery forms right from necklaces to earrings and bangles, bracelets, and that too with diamond-embedded, stand out poignantly. First and foremost, because diamond is one of the purest pieces that nature can offer so symbolic of a mother’s eternal love for her child. Secondly, the way the bracelet encircles the wrist is symbolic of life coming to a full circle after the mother welcomes her own child. Hence, while buying gifts for new moms, a diamond bracelet must feature in the list of gift options.

So, here are some of the eight stunning new mom gift options that no one would be able to take their eyes off.


Ornate Diamond Bracelet in Rose Gold

This ornate diamond bracelet with diamonds embedded in gold flowers at the centre can beautifully light up a new mom’s face. It stands out for its floral design and elegance. Diamonds are miracles of nature and the way they have been incorporated in this design, makes them stand out with élan. The floral design is symbolic of the possibilities of life-changing memories. This design philosophy, represented in the gold bracelet, besets it with that inherent charm that can make a mother feel perked-up and resplendent at any given moment. The diamond jewellery market offers an impressive line –up of diamond bracelet options when it comes to intricate designs and therefore, one can confidently choose one when it comes to buying gifts for new moms.

Ornate Diamond Bracelet in Rose Gold

Vintage Bangle Bracelet

A total detour from the conventional designs of bracelets in the world of diamond jewellery, the bracelet effectively celebrates a new mom as it boldly offers semblance to her innate strength in her new role. The hint of vintage charm symbolizes a mother’s undying love for the child. This gold and diamond bangle bracelet certainly is more than an investment as it can be preserved and passed onto the future generations as an heirloom.

Vintage Bangle Bracelet

Studded Diamond Bracelet

This stylish diamond-studded bangle bracelet in yellow gold is simple yet classy. This is an everyday- wear bracelet that stands out for its simplicity and class in terms of design. A child and a mother are born at the same time. The emotional and the spiritual bondthat existed even before the child’s birth, gathers strength with each passing day after the child’s birth. The design of the studded bracelet almost embodiesthis special bond with the bold solitaires steadfastly embedded in the gold rim. Though not very heavy in terms of design, this particular design would be an apt new mom gift if the mother has a penchant for sleek designs when it comes to jewellery.

stylish diamond-studded bangle bracelet

Cluster Floral Diamond Bracelet

Undeniably exquisite and jaw-dropping, the cluster floral diamond bracelet is indeed the product of master craftsmanship. Every experience in motherhood is like a shining testimony to a mother’s perseverance in raising her child, and this bracelet exudes this spirit beautifully through its traditional floral design with diamond flowers adorning the centre. Crafted to celebrate the life long journey of motherhood, this bracelet is the most suitable gift for the mother if festivities are around the corner.

cluster floral diamond bracelet

Delicate Diamond Chain Bracelet

A delicate chain bracelet is something that the new mother would never feel like taking off her wrists. Light and charming in appeal, this bracelet encircles her wrist and stays with her as her best friend just like her child whose life revolves around her in different ways. Effortlessly versatile and easy to maintain, this is an exclusive everyday wear bracelet that will complement her anytime. So when it comes to choosing gifts for new moms, a dainty diamond bracelet such as this should always be preferred before any apparel or gold jewellery.

Delicate diamond chain bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A heavy diamond tennis bracelet, once bought, can be treasured for generations to come. The intricate design is sure to melt anyone’s heart and can effortlessly complement any traditional and Indo-western outfit. Childbirth is one of the most precious experiences and celebrating it calls for a gift that is exquisite and rare, just like a diamond. Pure and powerful, just like the bond between the mother and her child, this bracelet exudes a spark that can be seen in a mother’s eyes when she holds her bundle of joy for the first time. So if one is planning to shower the new mom with all the love and care she deserves, this tennis bracelet must features in the bucket list of gifts for new moms.

diamond tennis bracelet

Two-tone Diamond Bracelet

Double-tone bracelets are unique in style and design. They offer a phenomenal experience when coupled with diamonds. The border of design at the centre, hosting the diamond cluster, makes it a bespoke and inimitable piece of jewellery. The diverse elements brought together symbolises a lifetime of diverse roles a mother has to play in her child’s life such as that of a parent, guide and a friend. These roles stand out in differing circumstances just like the rose gold, white gold and diamonds that retain their own identity in this bracelet. Complementing both the Indian and Indo-western attire, this bracelet is an apt accessory for a family get-together or a lunch date with best friends. The versatility of this bracelet makes it one of the best gifts for a new mom.

Two-tone Diamond Bracelet

Alphabet Charm Bracelet

Nothing can be more beautiful than having one’s initials on the bracelet. This is a little different from the popular bracelet designs and is an apt accessory for a lunch date. In India, various rituals and restrictions are observed after the birth of a child. Some of these do have a scientific reason behind them, mostly revolving around recuperation and healing post the delivery. Staying confined at home and continuous caretaking of a new-born can be physically and emotionally draining for the mother. Gifting this alphabet charm bracelet is a superb idea to brighten up the mood of the new mother. This custom alphabet design of the bracelet is symbolic of a unique identity that every mother has in spite of her newfound role and its responsibilities. This bracelet helps her reconnect with her own identity and breathes in her a sense of freedom as she gears to re-connect with the outside world. Hence a simple alphabet charm bracelet can be deemed as a smart choice as a new mom gift.

Alphabet Charm Bracelet

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