5 best gifts to give new moms

They say a baby gives birth to a mother. The journey that a couple goes through, especially emotionally, is something that should be celebrated. And what better way to celebrate this miracle of life, than to gift the wonderful new mom something as special as she is.

While everyone is buying gifts for the little bundle of joy, don’t forget the new mom who will be on a roller coaster ride for the next several months. She also needs and deserves all the care and attention you can shower onto her.

If you’re looking for the perfect “gift for mother” ideas, then sit back because we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of mom-to-be gifts that will help you to make the new mommy feel truly pampered and loved.

A date with relaxation

While having a new-born is truly an experience of unparalleled joy, carrying one can take its toll on the mind, body, and emotional health of a new mom. So, what better gift than giving her the luxury of a few hours away from the bustle of her life? A relaxing trip to the spa may be just what the doctor ordered!


And, if you and the to-be mother are up for it, extend it to a delicious lunch as well! Get your girlfriends together, reminisce about the ol’ days and help her just put her feet up and rest. She will thank you later for creating new, precious memories with her.

As precious as a diamond

Is there a perfect #NewMomGift out there? One that celebrates the new, joyous changes in the couple’s life? Only one uniquely inimitable present comes to mind…a billion-year-old diamond. Resilient, dazzling, and completely beautiful – exactly like the new mom, and her little new-born too.


The coming of a baby is a moment every parent cherishes for life, so what gift would be more cherished and fitting than a precious, unique diamond that is rare yet real? Because real is rare. Real is a diamond.
So go ahead, gift something precious and real to the mom-to-be. A fit gift for a new-born baby and mother, it will also commemorate the happy occasion for the couple.


The near nonstop stress, the thought that your life will change once the new-born arrives, the sleepless nights…all can be daunting for the couple that is embarking on this adventure.

A great way to bust that routine and add some zest to the new mom’s life would be to plan some time away, before the bundle of joy arrives.


We are sure the mommy-to-be will be over the moon when she sees those flight tickets and cosy hotel rooms – all booked for her relaxing pleasure!

A care package

Mommies-to-be have little time for grooming, are often exhausted, and craving unlikely, interesting little things that they will swear they’ve never craved before! So, put your thinking caps on because it is time to make a care package that at once soothes, showers love and even adds a little pizzazz into her life!


Fill your care package with body scrubs, lotions, unlikely-craving-friendly food items and you can even sneak in some healthy snacks too! Just a quick tip from us… Don’t forget the chocolates – because who doesn’t like chocolates!

A hearty dollop of YOU

Pampering her with gifts and love is great, but the best gift – the one that beats ‘em all – will always be YOU. Show up, support her, be there for her, help out, lend a sympathetic ear, indulge the cravings… the best gift you can give her is YOU!

So, now that you have some dazzling ideas, what gift for an expecting mother will you shower upon her?

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